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Rainforest tourist skewered with arrows as tribesman sexually assaults his girlfriend

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tribesmenA TOURIST trying to defend his girlfriend from being raped by a tribesman in a remote rainforest in Papua New Guinea was shot twice with arrows.


Matthew Scheurich, 28, was also smashed over the head with a rock as he battled to save his French girlfriend from the horror attack.

He managed to pull the arrows from his chest and scramble an escape through thick jungle.

But one arrow had penetrated his ribcage and the wall of his stomach, and stopped just millimeters from his heart. The second arrow also hit an artery and X-rays showed his chest was half-filled with blood.

Medics say it is a miracle he is still alive.

The attack came as Mr Scheurich visited his girlfriend who was working on her anthropology doctorate and studying the Femi tribe in the North Fly area of Papua New Guinea.

An aggressive tribesman demanded sex with her and when Mr Scheurich stepped in he was attacked. His girlfriend also suffered a serious sexual assault.

The couple were only rescued after she set off an emergency locator beacon.

The couple were taken to a church in the nearby town of Suabi before being treated in a hospital in Cairns.

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