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Is Newquay the teenage drunk capital of the UK? These pics seem to suggest so!

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Newquay-booze-girlNEWQUAY residents fed-up of drunken youths using their pretty seaside resort as a vomitorium have launched a crackdown on the boozers.


The Cornish tourist town has always attracted visitors recent years have seen a massive influx of young teenagers hell-bent on getting paralytic drunk.

On Friday and Saturday nights in the summer months the streets are awash with loud, sometimes aggressive gangs, in various stages of inebriation. Many vomit or urinate in public while others parade with sex toys in full view.

But the locals are hitting back.
Police are now instructed to apply a zero tolerance approach which includes confiscating any unacceptable inflatables, sex toys and offensive T-shirts.

And any teenager found with fake ID will be arrested on the spot.

Not everyone is impressed. Mike Summerbee, who gave his age as 18 but looked considerably younger, said: “It's typical of this place. Just because we want to have a good time the old gits have to try and spoil it.

“We pay our money. What's the problem.”

But the problem appears to be there for all to see.

Check out our gallery of drunken Newquay exploits, courtesy of a Facebook page called Drunk Times In Newquay.




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