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Too much happiness can kill you, scientists discover

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GrumpyGRUMPY may have had a point. Because, according to new research, ill-tempered people live longer than the insufferably happy.


The study found people who were described as “highly cheerful” at school often died younger.

The happiness study, just published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, was based on a sample of children born in the 1920s whose lives were tracked through to old age and death.

Those who were 'too happy' were apparently more likely to suffer from mental problems such as bi-polar disorder which makes them less fearful and prone to taking more risks. The risks included things like substance abuse and driving too fast, which in turn can lead to injury and death.

Those desperate to be happy often ended up depressed and people who were 'too happy at the wrong time' tend to annoy others and increase the risk of getting a punch,

One of the article's authors Professor June Gruber, from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, said: “When you’re trying to be happy it can often lead to disappointment. It’s best just to stop worrying about it.

"The strongest predictor of happiness is not money, or external recognition through success or fame, it's having meaningful social relationships.

"If there's one thing you're going to focus on, focus on that. Let all the rest come as it will."

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