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Brussels fines Britain £500,000 for failing to fly the EU flag

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EU-flagEUROPEAN bureaucrats have fined British councils, museums, universities, travel firms and business groups more than £500,000 ($800,000).


The bizarre list of agencies hit with financial penalties running into tens of thousands each includes Peterborough YMCA,  the National Museum of Labour History in Manchester, Birmingham Chambers of Commerce and Merseytravel.

The EU insists that any one receiving grant money from Europe must display the EU flag and logos.

Many projects accepting cash even have to agree to display the flag on a permanent plaque in a prominent position.

This despite the fact that the UK contributed £6.4billion more to Brussels than it received back last year.

Communities and local government secretary Eric Pickles said the fines were a nonsense and added: “It defies common sense that the EU can hammer public bodies with huge fines for merely not flying their flag.

“This is a prime example of bureaucracy taking over, with organisations being hit for the most minor breaches for over-complicated rules.

“The end result is British taxpayers’ money being wasted on design guidelines, form-filling and millions of pounds of red tape. These fines should be axed.”

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