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Hidden Amazon Amondawa tribe have no concept of time new research claims

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AmondawaAN AMAZON tribe, who only came into contact with the modern world 25 years ago, live 'without time', according to new research.
The people of the Amondawa have no words for 'time' or time periods such as 'month' or 'year' because the concepts are not required.


The new study shows that for the Amondawa people, who were only discovered in 1986, time does not exist.

Members of the tribe do not have birthdays but instead adopt different names depending on what stage of life they are at.

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth and the Federal University of Rondonia in Brazil have begun to analyse the idea of time as it appears in Amondawa language.

Chris Sinha, professor of psychology of language at the University of Portsmouth, said: "Amondawa people, like any other people, can talk about events and sequences of events.

"What we don't find is a notion of time as being independent of the events which are occurring.

"They don't have a notion of time which is something the events occur in."

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