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12-year-old girl commits suicide to donate organs to sick father

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thiodanA SCHOOLGIRL killed herself believing her organs would help save her father's sight – but her suicide note was only found the day after she was cremated.


Mumpy Sarkar, who was just 12, was so worried over her father Mridul's encroaching blindness  and her brother Monojit's failing kidneys that she swallowed Thiodan pesticide in the hope that her death could help her family.

The Indian schoolgirl, from Dhantala, West Bengal, left a note explaining her wishes and her belief that her father would save money on her dowry and her organs would give her loved ones back their lives.

But tragically the note was not discovered until the day after she was cremated.

Her distraught father Mridul said: “We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child.”

Her mother Rita was treated for shock.

A spokesman for Dhantala police Tapas Tarafdar said: “Finding herself alone at home, Mumpy consumed Thiodan, a pesticide.

“Then, she ran to meet her father, who was about half a kilometre away. She told him that she had dreamt that someone had poured poison into her mouth and her stomach ached.

“Her alarmed father took her to a local pharmacy immediately where she was given some medicines.

“But her condition worsened soon and she had to be rushed to the local Baranberia hospital. From there, she was referred to Anulia hospital. But the doctors declared her dead on arrival.”


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