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Margaret Thatcher 'killed football' – leader's decisions wrecked game for a generation

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margaret-thatcherMARGARET THATCHER killed soccer, one of the Premier League's most respected club managers said today.


Sam Allardyce said English football is suffering because children are not playing enough sport at school and he blamed Margaret Thatcher for starting the rot.
Alardyce, currently boss of West Ham's but previously at Bolton and Blackburn, claimed the game has been undermined by decisions made during the Margaret Thatcher-led Conservative era.

Allardyce said: “Since Margaret Thatcher stopped teachers being paid extra money for coaching sports after school, all sporting activities have diminished on a competitive basis

“Thatcher killed football, no doubt about it.”

The consequence, according to Allardyce, is "a lesser quality of players" and "unhealthy" youngsters, with clubs spurred to sign up children at increasingly young ages to ensure they have opportunities to participate in sport.

"This was a working-class game but it's only at private schools where the children get the sports opportunities I had - and even then a lot of them don't play football, it's mainly rugby," Allardyce said.

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