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It's the end of the World as we know it (and she feels fine)

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Rebekah-toxicTHE last ever News of the World was being put to bed tonight by 200 journalist who will be out of work at midnight.


Rebekah Brooks will not be one of them.

Rupert Murdoch was due to fly in to oversee the final stages of production but seemingly he decided it just wasn't important enough.

Rebekah Brooks, who told staff 'there was worse to come out yet', was also conspicuous by her absence from the news floor.

Earlier, as she addressed the staff she was about to make jobless, journalists could barely contain their loathing.

Brooks has been a key player at News International for two decades, in her roles as editor of the News of the World and the Sun and now as Chief Executive and as such has been subject to much obsequious fawning.

But that is all over. The fawning has been replaced by a visceral hatred that she has somehow survived the most damning journalistic scandal in history and the most shocking newspaper death ever.

Addressing News of the World staff yesterday she said: “This is not exactly the best time of my life.”

But TV writer Tom Latcham cut across her saying: “Your actions calling our newspaper 'toxic', we have all been contaminated by that toxicity.

“Can't you see the bigger picture YOU are making the whole of News International toxic.

"And there's an arrogance that we would ever want to work for you again.”

His words received a thunderous round of applause.

This afternoon as the final touches were being put to the paper – which will be a 5 million print run and donate all the proceeds to charity (if they can find a charity which will touch their money) Mr Latcham added: “There's sadness but also pride here. Whatever your feelings the News of the World is part of the fabric of British culture.”

“But there was a lot of anger in that room – 200 people are losing their jobs for seemingly no reason.”





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