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Hitler ordered standard-issue Nazi sex-dolls for all troops

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HitlerHITLER ordered blow-up sex dolls for all German troops in WWII because so many soldiers were falling ill from sexually transmitted diseases, new evidence shows.


The Furher instructed Nazi scientists to developed the "synthetic comforters" for German soldiers taking advantage of the Parisian red-light district.

He authorised production of blonde and blue-eyed 'gynoid dolls', which were small enough to fit into a backpack after a successful trial period by German soldiers in Nazi-occupied Jersey.

The project was launched in 1940 but scrapped by 1942 after servicemen rebelled against the dolls because of the potential embarrassment if they were captured by the Allied troops.
Author Graeme Donald uncovered Hitler's secretive Borghild Project while researching the history of Barbie - which was based on a post-war German sex doll.
He said: “In the end the idea fizzled out and the place where they were made and all the dolls were destroyed in the bombing of Dresden.”

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