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Online army calls for boycott of Rupert Murdoch papers The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times

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Rupert-MurdochRUPERT Murdoch’s News International group faces a new threat as an online army of Twitter and Facebook users call for a boycott of all his newspapers.


Tens of thousands have joined campaigns urging people not to buy The Sun, The Times, The Sunday Times or even to watch Sky, in light of the mass of criminal allegations stacking up around the titles.
One Facebook group called ‘Boycott News International’, which has almost 8,000 members, insists members should refuse to buy the company’s newspaper titles and cancel subscriptions to Sky TV.

A twitter campaign registered the domain name yesterday, with the intention of creating a site to bring “anti-Murdoch campaigners together for effective action.”

Its home page says the 80-year-old media mogul's companies “propagate a false image of the world, exaggerate news stories, and spin an agenda which fits Murdoch’s business interests.”
It added: “As we do not have the ability to vote him out of power, we should do the next best thing: refuse to give money to anything produced or related to the Murdoch media empire, and raise awareness so that other people do the same.”
The campaigns come as News Corporation yesterday saw an estimated £877million wiped off the value of BSkyB shares.
It also emerged that evidence had been found suggesting the News of the World had paid a protection officer for contact details of senior members of the Royal Family and that The Sun had obtained Gordon Brown’s son’s medical records.
Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The allegation, if it's true, that the police have been selling details of royal household information to a newspaper, that is truly appalling.
“It's a dereliction of their duty, a dereliction of service, and we need to get to the bottom of it.”


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