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Two headed calf born – hailed as miracle by farmer

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calf-with-two-headsA TWO-headed cow has been born in China – and immediately hailed as a miracle by its owner.


The two-faced, four-legged calf appears healthy, despite having two faces which point in opposite directions, and three ears.

Vets say the animal is not really a two-headed calf but two calves who share a single body and set of internal organs.

But farmer Dong Yubao, of Gaoyang village, in northern China’s Hebei Province, says the animal as a miracle which will bring good luck to his family and farm.

He added that his wife initially collapsed in horror when she first set eyes on the beast but has now come to love it.

He said: “My wife and a neighbour were in the barn to help the cow through labour.

“The calf came out – heads first – and my wife fell to the floor when she saw the two heads and four eyes.”

The genetic mutation is known as axial bifurcation and affects only one in 300 million births.
It is not known if this calf will survive.

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