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Ten big-breasted virgins wanted by tea plantation for world's weirdest tea

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lip-teaIT may rank as the world's weirdest job application: Wanted – Ten strong, curvaceous virgins with extra-sensitive lips for tea-picking duties. Only candidates with a C-cup or above need apply.


But that is exactly what bosses at a mountainside tea plantation in China are asking for.

'Lip Tea', which comes from the Jiuhua Mountains, in Gushi, Henan province claims to be 'the most refined tea in the world'.

It is certainly the weirdest.

Under traditional rules it is plucked by virgins, using just their lips.

The leaves are then spat into a wicker vessel called a Chaliuqing which nestles between the virgin's breasts (hence the size C cup size) and lie in he cleavage.

There they are supposed to be infused with well-being and purity.

Oh and when the tea is being prepared and boiling water poured onto the leaves, fairies are supposed to ascend amid the steam into the sky.

But the tea is no joke to the busty would-be pickers – plantation bosses are offering £50 ($80) per day, a fortune in a rural Chinese community.

The full advert reads: “Lip Tea is hiring full-time tea-leaf pickers.

“A prospective employee has to be a woman with no sexual experience, a bra size of at least a C cup, and no scar or wound visible on her body with a uniform.”

Li Yong, a spokesman for the Jiuhua plantation, said: “It is much harder work than it looks.

“They have to cleanse themselves completely before they start working and perform a special exercise programme to build up their necks and lips.

“It’s a long standing tradition - it is a tradition we do not want to lose so need to pass on to new employees. We are currently recruiting 10 C cup virgin tea pickers.”

The girls are not allowed to touch the tea leaves with their hands at any point and all the picking has to be done by mouth.

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