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Taiwanese turn dog poop into gold bars

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dog-poopingBAGS of dog poop can be exchanged for the chance to win solid gold bars in a bizarre clean-up campaign in Taiwan.


Residents of New Taipei City in northern Taiwan, whose streets are awash with animal excrement, are being encouraged to clean up after their dogs and hand the poop to specifically assigned government cleaning teams in exchange for tickets to a draw for the gold bars.

The prizes include three gold ingots worth T$60,000 (£1,300 / US$2,100), and T$18,000 (£390 / US$$624) and T$12,000 (£260 / US$416).
Officials are even offering cash incentives for residents to set up “poop patrols” to track down and photograph owners who allow their dogs to foul the streets.

Chen Chao-ming, a New Taipei City Environmental Protection Department official said: “We are hoping the draw will attract a wide participation, especially as the gold price is rising.

“We believe this innovative measure will raise people’s awareness of the problem. Through the raffle, we expect the public to pay closer attention to environmental sanitation and play a more active role in keeping their surroundings clean.”
Free garbage bags will be dispensed in campaign efforts to clean up the city.

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