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Video: Car rips pubic hair from woman, leaving her with brazilian

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extreme-beaverTHESE scantily clad giggling women have sparked a new online craze – extreme beaver waxing.


And they have chosen to create the perfect Brazilian by, er, clapped-out Toyota!

Bikini-clad Grace shows she laughs in the face of pain by cementing her skilfully applied beaver waxing to the bumper of the automobile – then her pal hits the gas and drives away, ripping the wax from Grace's groin!


But, undeterred, Grace returns for more determined to create what she calls 'the perfect landing strip'.

Her friend Colette rather unnecessarily shows the resulting 'bumper wax' to the camera saying: “You can see the root of the pubic hairs!”

She then adds: “It's making waxing fun and taking it to a whole new level.”


Then adds, again slightly unnecessarily: “It kind of looks like she's humping the car – getting her rocks of with the car!”

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