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'Spontaneous human combustion' is official explanation for Irish man's death

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mary-reeserSPONTANEOUS human combustion was given as the official explanation for the death of a pensioner who burst into flames.


An inquest returned the bizarre verdict when fire investigators could find no other explanation for the death of  76-year-old Michael Faherty, whose body was discovered completely incinerated while the rest of his home remained relatively untouched.

Coroner Ciaran McLoughlin decided the pensioner of Ballybane, Galway, Ireland, died of the unexplained phenomenon spontaneous human combustion.
He said: “This fire was thoroughly investigated, I'm left with the conclusion this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion — for which there is no adequate explanation.”

Scenes of crime officers told Galway Coroners Court the fireplace was not to blame for the blaze and no trace of any other possible accelerant could be found.

Police officer Garda Gerard O'Callaghan, who was called to the scene, said the only damage was to the remains of Mr Faherty, which had been totally burnt, the ceiling above him and the floor underneath.

(The pic above shows the investigation into the spontaneous human combustion death of Mary Reeser, in St Petersburg, USA in 1951.)

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