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Obama Fried Chicken restaurants open in China

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obama-fried-chickenCHINESE restauranteurs have opened a fried chicken eaterie called Obama Fried Chicken which uses an image of the US President dressed as Colonel Sanders.


The cartoon version of a smiling Obama uses the same red and white livery a the rather more famous Kentucky Fried Chicken and is on huge billboard in Beijing.

The sign also includes a slogan written in Mandarin which says 'we're so cool, aren't we?' It is thought the owners hope to open more restaurants.
This is not the first time fried chicken restaurants have flirted with the President.

In 2009, Obama Fried Chicken opened in Brooklyn, and Obama Fried Chicken & Pizza opened in Harlem.

Both were seen by some as reinforcing a long-dead racist stereotype and City Councilman Charles Barron organized a demonstration.

He said: “People from the community were calling me and saying they were outraged by this racist connection to Barack Obama and fried chicken. If you think that free speech gives you the right to insult and degrade us and stereotype us, then you've got a battle on your hands.”

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