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Spider forced into mouth of screaming little girl by sicko video couple

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sick-spider-coupleA SADISTIC couple who pinned a little girl to the floor and forced a huge spider into her mouth in front of a video camera have been jailed.


James Kirman, 31, and Rachel Drinkell, 24, filmed themselves carrying out a series of horrific acts of violence against children.

The victims' relatives wept as Grimsby Crown Court, in Grimsby, UK, heard a list of sick assaults which included grinning as they blasted an airhorn into the ear of a baby, and holding a baby against a scorching hot radiator.

Despite severe burns to the child the twisted couple did not seek medical help for 20 minutes. The baby was then treated in a specialist burns unit.
Before jailing the pair, after they admitted child cruelty offences, Judge David Tremberg said: “You mercilessly inflicted suffering and recorded it so you could look back on it for your enjoyment.”

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