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Skeleton of American who sent naked pics to the Queen found in secret hideaway near Buckingham Palace

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Buckingham-Palace-230THE SKELETON of an American man who stalked the British Royal Family – and even sent pornography to the Queen – has been found in a 'hideaway' near Buckingham Palace.


The bones of Robert Moore, who was obsessed with the Queen, were found on a small island in a lake in London's St James Park.

They had lain undiscovered for three years until a tree surgeon stumbled across them.

The 69-year-old is believed to have used the island as a secret vantage point for Buckingham Palace. A yellow cushion, vodka bottles and a passport were also recovered.

An inquest into the death held at Westminster Coroner's Court heard that Mr Moore, who arrived from the US in 2007, had a history of mental and alcohol problems.   He had sent hundreds of "strange and offensive" packages to the Queen for 15 years. They included porn snaps. Some letters ran to 600 pages while notes falsely warned other boxes contained dangerous substances.   Police officer Det Sgt Mike West said: “He had a fixation with the Queen and the Royal Family. There would not be a better place to remain undiscovered with a view of the Queen's primary residence than the West Island.”   The cause of death was recorded as unascertained.





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