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Cellphones CAN cause planes to crash says leaked security report

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Boeing-747ELECTRONIC devices, including mobile phones, have been linked to 75 aircraft safety problems a leaked report has revealed.


The study, from the International Air Transport Association obtained by US  ABC News, says aircraft – especially older aircraft - are at risk from cellphones, Blackberrys and iPads.

And the terrifying list of potentially catastrophic incidents included:

A Jumbo Jet autopilot disengaging 4,500ft. This was corrected when four passengers were ordered to turn off  electronic devices.
Cockpit GPS navigation equipment which malfunctioned because two laptops were being used by passengers.

Engineer David Carson told ABC News: “It could tell you were left of the runway when in fact you were right of the runway or it could wipe out the signal completely so you had no indication where you were.”

Aircraft bosses say their planes are especially at risk during take-off and landing.

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