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Chilli eating competition contestants left writhing on floor in agony, hospitalised

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Kismot-restaurantA CHILLI eating contest at a Scottish curry house left competitors writhing on the floor in agony before being rushed to hospital.


Edinburgh restaurant Kismot Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurant was host to the 'World's Hottest Chilli competiton, but the fiery food was too much for two contestants who were left in agony, vomiting and passing out.

Initially there were 20 entrants – but 10 walked away after seeing the first diners agony.

The restaurant's website describes the competition as 'not a contest to see who can eat the most, but a test of endurance against a top secret nuclear strength recipe using some of the world's hottest chillies.'

One customer, who braved the 'Kismot Killer' dish was rushed to hospital TWICE.

Participants had to be over the age of 18 and were required to sign a legal disclaimer prior to taking part in the competition.

Even though two members of the British Red Cross were on hand, they could not cope with the nature of the injuries sustained.

Curry house owner Abdul Ali admitted that he would have to 'tone down' the contest in future.

Kim Curie, 21, who came second in the competition said: “It got really bad. I have never endured such pain in my life.

“I've always enjoyed spicy foods and thought this was for a good cause. But it came with a price, I had to be taken to the hospital twice. I first went to hospital at around 4pm and the second time was at 9pm.”

Mr Ali said he felt the competition had gone well, but that he had overestimated how much heat the competitors could take.

The competition raised hundreds of pounds for the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland charity.

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