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Agonised cat hurled from speeding car leads vet to her dying kittens

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Jolie-the-catA CAT who was callously thrown from a moving vehicle only hours after giving birth amazed animal protection officers by leading them back to her kittens.


The remarkable moggy, called Jolie, was rushed to a vet by a kindly woman who saw the cruel attempt to kill her in March, Cambridgeshire, UK.

When she was back on her paws she returned to the place she had left her kittens – an old barn in a farmyard.

The owner called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Block Fen animal centre, who duly sent an officer.

But when inspector Jon Knight found her she began frantic 'miaowing' and led him almost a quarter of a mile through a back garden, across a field and into a farm yard to the barn where her foru kittns lay – fighting for their lives.

Inspector Knight said the one-week-old kittens, left alone while Jolie was being treated, would have died of dehydration without the actions of their mother and added: “I try not to humanise animals but Jolie wanted me to follow her.

“We knew she had kittens from her medical check and it is quite normal for cats to call out to their kittens to tell them they are home or to call older ones to them but when no kittens came I knew she was calling to me.

“Every time I stopped, she stopped. She didn't take a direct route, she led me a merry dance to get there.

“I would never in a million years have guessed they were there if she hadn't led me to them and they would have only lasted two days if I she had not taken me to them.”

Jolie is now weaning her kittens which will be put up for adoption later.

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