Richard Dawkins attacks Muslim faith schools for 'stuffing children's minds with alien rubbish'

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richard-dawkinsAETHEIST Richard Dawkins has blasted Muslim faith schools, saying they stuff children's minds with 'alien rubbish'.

The writer and evolutionary biologist even said Muslim schools are the worst of all faith schools claiming their teaching is the most likely to be influenced by a religious agenda.

In an interview with the Times Educational Supplement, he described a trip he made to an 'utterly deplorable' Muslim school in Leicester.

He said: “Every person I met believes if there is any disagreement between the Koran and science, then the Koran wins.

'It's just utterly deplorable. These are now British children who are having their minds stuffed with alien rubbish.”

The former Oxford University professor added that he had even met a Muslim science teacher who believed that the earth was only 6,000 years old.

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