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Historic english pub being turned into Islamic madrassa threatens to split community after workers illegally destroy century-old sign

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Dog-InnA STONE pub sign in a small town in northern England has become the unlikely focus of fears that Islam is trampling over British history.

The defunct Dog Inn, which has stood in Revidge, Blackburn, Lancashire, for 133 years had been approved for conversion to an Islamic Education Centre and madrassa.

What had not been approved was the removal of the historic, five foot high, stone lettering reading 'DOG INN, wines, spirits, beers & stout' which was part of the facia of the building.

And, last week, when workers hacked the letters off leaving an ugly scar on the Dog Inn wall - against the rules of the development – many locals were incensed.

Some residents even tried to stop the men, and a borough councillor attempted to mediate between the two parties.  

One local told the local Lancashire Telegraph: “I saw them breaking off the reliefs and chiselling out the letters.  

“That pub means a lot to residents because Revidge is a conservation area. It’s something from an era gone by and it’s a local landmark.  

“I’m happy to live in a multi-cultural area and I believe in community integration but I also believe this is a conservation area and these things should be protected.  

“I can understand if they don’t want the writing for a pub on the side of the building given their religion, but then maybe they shouldn’t have bought it.”  

View of Revidge from the Dog Inn 1908


Local Councillor Arshid Mahmood spoke to the contractors, who said they were carrying out work on behalf of the building’s owners and he added: “I rang the planning department, they came out and had a look and confirmed they needed planning permission because it was a material change. " 

Suna Miah Ali, or the agents behind the proposals, Khalid Khan & Associates, of Whalley Range, were reportedly unavailable for comment.  

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council said the work was ‘unlawful’ but that “unfortunately the damage had already been done”.

The removal of the letters has inflamed passions on the Lancashire Telegraph website.

Comments include:

BRFC'S said: "I have no issue with multi-culturalism and different races mixing together as I have seen the many benefits of it in cities around the world. However, what's happening in Blackburn is a blatant disregard for the indigenous population and their customs.   There's a lot to be proud of as a Blackburner but sadly all that which we should be proud of is frittering away as the culture of those from an Asian heritage continues to ignore the customs and heritage of Blackburn itself. Sad times."

Italia90 said: "So if a caucasian was turning this into offices and had done this by mistake - it wouldn't have been such a big deal right? but because its an islamic education centre, everyone needs to start crying about how muslims are taking over??"

Jack Daniels said: "The Dog inn used to be a great place to; have a chat and a laugh with your friends; a beer or two (or more); a game of pool or darts; a snog with someone new; put some tunes on the duke box or dance to the DJ. You could also go in for a quiet pint, something to eat, and a read of the paper if that was what you wanted.

A place where EVERYBODY could go.   A public house, just like it says on the tin

The building is now going to be an Islamic education centre. A place where you can learn about islam; or have chat with your friends about islam; or…

Lets just face it. Its an Islamic education centre, just like it says on the tin…."

Jerzei Balowski said: "Saw this going on Tuesday night - disgusting destruction of local heritage."

Pinky26 said: "It is no longer a pub,it is turning into a religious building.The community should respect that.All you want is something to moan about."

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