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'Wannabe mom charged with hacking baby from stranger's womb using techniques she learned on Discovery Channel'

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Maritza-Ramirez-Cruz230A WOMAN desperate for a child has been charged with murdering a pregnant stranger and cutting out her baby using a C-Section procedure she had seen on the Discovery Channel.

Annette Morales-Rodriguez, of Wisconsin, told police she had scoured the suburban Milwaukee neighbourhood for two weeks looking for a pregnant woman whose child she could steal and call her own.

Her alleged target was a total stranger Maritza Ramirez-Cruz, 23, (pictured above right) who was expecting her fourth child, a boy that she was going to call Omar.

A police complaint filed last night says the alleged killer offered Ramirez-Cruz a ride but then claimed she needed to go home and change her shoes.

Ramirez-Cruz also went into the house to use the bathroom and was then allegedly smashed to the floor with a baseball bat and strangled to death.

The would-be mother – who already has three children but was desperate to have another with her new boyfriend – then allegedly cut the baby from Ramirez-Cruz' womb.

She later called emergency services claiming she had just given birth and that her new baby had stopped breathing, but paramedics were unable to revive the boy and he was pronounced dead at the scene.


Facebook pic of Annette Morales-Rodriguez


Police Chief Edward Flynn said: 'During the ensuing investigations, detectives determined that the 33-year-old woman was not, in fact, the birth mother of the baby.'

The next day, police returned to Morales-Rodriguez's home and found Ramirez-Cruz's mutilated body.

The medical examiner determined that Ramirez-Cruz likely died from excessive loss of blood.

Neighbours said Morales-Rodriguez claimed to have been pregnant for months.

One said Morales-Rodriguez had been talking about pregnancy, and had even shown her a sonogram of the baby.

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