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Bizarre 'Bagelheads' inflate their faces to 'look cool'

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bagelhead1A NEW breed of body modification fetishists is emerging in Japan – so-called 'Bagelheads' who inject saline solution to give themselves bizarre swellings all over their body.

Bagelheads pump solution into various parts of the body from the boobs to arms legs, but the preferred site is the forehead where the skin is tightest and the impact the most extreme.

Over a number of hours the swelling grows to the size of a bagel or donut and is then pressed into shape with an indentation in the middle.

The bizarre fashion is popular in Osaka and Tokyo but is not just confined to Japan.


Fan and performance artist Jerome Abramovitch said: “It’s primarily a play activity, I think most of the time it’s done on its own, rather than with other types of play.

“I’ve seen people combine it with play piercing but, on the whole, that’s not something I’d recommend because of infection risks.”

Photographer Ryoichi ‘Keroppy’ Maeda a 'bodymod' photographer and author added: “Saline infusion is a gradual process and you become a freak progressively. That’s the joy of it.

“You can enjoy watching it by having a few drinks and gradually seeing a transformation, but if you’re looking all the time, you can’t see the difference. If you meander off and come back, it’s a real surprise.”




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