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Phantom vibrations from your phone? You could be on the brink of a breakdown

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mad-phone-230SMARTPHONE users who begin to feel 'phantom vibrations' in their pockets even though no text or call has been received could be on the verge of cracking up, research has found.


Blackberries and iPhones were meant to help people manage their lives by giving them access to messages and alerts while away from the office.

But many users become so obsessive about checking their email accounts and social networking sites that they actually become more stressed as a result, researchers discovered.   Some are so hooked on their devices that they even begin to experience "phantom" vibrations when they mistakenly believe their phone is buzzing in their pocket.

The researchers said this was a strong indicator the phone user was under massive amounts of stress and should seek medical help.

The British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology Conference in Chester heard psychometric stress tests were carried out on more than 100 volunteers, including students and employees from a variety of professions including retail and the public sector.   Stress was directly linked to the number of times people checked their phones on average, and people with the most extreme levels of stress were troubled by "phantom" vibrations the survey showed.   Richard Balding of the University of Worcester, who led the research, said employers should seriously consider the burden that smart phones put on their workers.   He said: “Smart phone use is increasing at a rapid rate and we are likely to see an associated increase in stress from social networking.   “Organisations will not flourish if their employees are stressed, irrespective of the source of stress, so it is in their interest to encourage their employees to switch their phones off; cut the number of work emails sent out of hours, and reduce people’s temptation to check their devices.”  

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