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15 percent of Britain's £100 BILLION health budget set aside for negligence payouts

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hospitalALMOST one sixth of Britain's National Health Service budget has been set aside for payouts to lawyers and their clients fighting medical negligence claims.

The staggering sum, more than £15 billion, represents hundreds of new-build hospitals and hundreds of thousands of nurses wages.

A substantial part of the rise is also blamed on ‘no-win no-fee’ lawyers, who encourage patients to make negligence claims because they will not have to pay costs if they lose.

If the patients win, the NHS has to pay even more than normal because no-win no-fee lawyers charge more to defendants to cover their own bills in lost cases.

Around a third of all the money paid out by the NHS in compensation goes straight into the pockets of lawyers.

And officials admit it could be an underestimate because if more court cases than expected go against the NHS the full cost could exceed £23billion.

The figure is contained in a report on the ‘Whole of Government Accounts’ by the public accounts committee.

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