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Russian scientists stand back after uncorking explosive soda-pop lake 2.5 miles below earth's surface

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LakeVostok-LocationA TEAM of Russian scientist had to evacuate as a 2.5 mile long drill got close to reaching a subterranean lake which was believed to be as fizzy as a can of Coke.

The team, which had been attempting to reach Antarctica's Frozen Lake Vostok for 15 years, feared very high oxygen and nitrogen levels might cause the lake to explode like a shaken can of soda, with potentially disastrous consequences for miles around.

However the feared expolsion has so far failed to materialise.

Lake Vostok, which is buried 2.5 miles (3.7 km) below glacial ice, had lain untouched for more than 20 million years until it was breached by the drills.

Scientists believe it could contain weird forms of life that survive in deep cold and with no sun, which could have implications for alien life on moons in our solar system such as Europa and Enceladus.

Russian media reported a team source as saying: “Yesterday, our scientists stopped drilling at the depth of 3,768 meters and reached the surface of the sub-glacial lake.”

Scientists discovered Lake Vostok in 1996. In 1998, the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat, which protects the frozen continent, forced them to stop drilling until environmental concerns could be addressed.

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