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Gay Adolf Hitler photo which the Fuhrer ordered destroyed is uncovered

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gay-hitler-2A PHOTO banned by Adolf Hitler because it made him look 'too homosexual' has been found.

The snap of the Third Reich monster looking decidedly mein camp shows him in knee-high socks and lederhosen lounging against a tree.

He could actually be hanging out at a gay dogging site.

Mein Camp: Reich that will last for a thousand queers?


Unsurprisingly, the Fuhrer banned the snap — and several taken by his personal photographer in the late 1920s — calling it 'beneath one's dignity' and 'too homosexual'.

But the pic survived the war and is published in a book called Hitler Was My Friend.

Adolf Adonis: Our comedy Hitler gay dating ad!


Historian Roger Moorhouse, who wrote the book's introduction, said: “We have this image now of Hitler almost as a buffoon. But these pictures show he experimented with his own image. He was a very modern politician in that way.”

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