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Man broke into The Queen of England's bedroom high on magic mushrooms

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queen-elizabethMICHAEL FAGAN has admitted that he was high on magic mushrooms when he broke into The Queen's bedroom in Buckingham Palace.

More amazingly he confessed that the break-in, back in 1982, was his SECOND successful attempt to gain entry to what should be one of the most high security residences on earth.

Just a month earlier he scaled the 14ft wall of Buckingham Palace and spent the night there before slipping away at dawn undetected.

And Fagan, who was 32 at the time but is now 61, confessed he had taken a huge amount of magic mushrooms FIVE months earlier and was still affected by them when he committed the offences.

He said: “I forgot you are only supposed to take a little handful. I was high on mushrooms for a long, long time.”

Fagan wandered into the Queen's bedroom while she was sleeping.

He said she was in a four-poster bed and wearing a knee-length floral print nightdress.

He added: “She went past me and ran out of the room; her little bare feet running across the floor.”

An unarmed footman watched took Mr Fagan to the Queen's pantry across the landing and took a bottle of Famous Grouse from the shelf and poured him a glass of whisky until police arrived.

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