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Apeman Horror as Bigfoot sighting reported in sleepy English town of Royal Tunbridge Wells

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BigfootA BIGFOOT monster, standing 8ft tall and with 'red demonic eyes' has been reported in the sleepy English town of Royal Tunbridge Wells.

Police are investigating claims a Bigfoot giant apeman has been stalking the town's common

He was reportedly spotted by a terrified walker who claims the creature was at least 8ft tall beast with demonic red eyes and long arms.

According to The Sun, the ape-like creature, which looked like America's legendary Bigfoot, roared at the walker, who immediately ran off in fear.

Over the past six months there have been a number of sightings of a mysterious beast.

Locals in the Kent town have mixed opinions about the claims - with some believing it could be a joker wearing a fancy dress costume.

Sightings in the town go back decades.

The Kentish Apeman was first spotted on the town's common during World War Two 70 years ago.

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