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Sandy Island in the Pacific to be removed from maps after being swallowed up by the earth – experts baffled

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islandA TINY island in the Pacific which appears on a range of maps including Google Earth has disappeared without a trace.

Australian scientists who went in search of Sandy Island - which appears midway between Australia and the French-governed New Caledonia on Google Earth - found nothing but sea when they arrived.

The Times Atlas of the World appears to identify the sizeable phantom island in the Coral Sea as Sable Island, and weather maps used by the Southern Surveyor, an Australian maritime research vessel also say it exists.

But when the ship, which was tasked with identifying fragments of the Australian continental crust submerged in the Coral Sea, steamed to where it was supposed to be there was nothing there.

The island supposedly sits in an area of very deep sea, making its existence something of a geological oddity that researchers wanted to investigate.

However, when they got there, it was nowhere to be found.

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