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'Don't use your cellphone on vacation' warning as woman slapped with a massive £97,000 ($156,000) mobile phone roaming bill

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cellphoneA WOMAN who used her cellphone to call friends while on a European vacation was left facing a life-crippling cellphone bill of £97,000 ($156,000 US).

The Australian woman' unbelievable bill was revealed in a summary of the Oz Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman's latest complaints and was among $8 million worth of disputed global roaming charges from July last year to September 30.

The woman said: “It was just mind-blowing. Who in the world could afford to pay that sort of money. I couldn't pay that back if I worked my whole life, so what am I supposed to do? Go to prison for making phone calls”

“The telecoms company are utter criminals and we need to really work internationally to end this extortion. It's sneaky, and vile and an utter rip-off.”

The Australian Communications and Media Authority is developing an industry standard to combat bill shock for international travellers.

The TIO's recommendations are that companies get proper consent before activating global roaming; supply clear cost details and be allowed to restrict access to roaming when charges are rapidly building.

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