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Harry Hill risks Muslim backlash to his Sausage Time tour which showcases Islam gags

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Harry-HillMADCAP comic Harry Hill risks upsetting millions of Muslims with his new UK tour 'Sausage Time' which includes a bagful of gags poking fun at Islam.

Harry's sell-out 40-date tour officially kicks of in Oxford on Friday February 8 but he drew gasps from the audience as he showcased a string of near-the-religious-knuckle jokes and sketches at a tiny low-key warm-up gig in north London.

The completely new set includes a Mosque-based routine about the call to prayer asking why everyone seemed to be shouting for “Allan!” and adding “who is this Allan bloke anyway?” He ends the skit with a hilarious re-working of the Stevie Wonder classic My Cherie Amour re-styled as “My Sharia Law”.

The show also includes a gag about how much Harry loves bouncy castles saying that the last time he enjoyed one he'd taken his shoes off and thrown them in the pile with the everyone else's before realising he was in a mosque!

Harry's Sausage Time also features a running joke about his 'poor old grandma' who has her hands cut off in Tehran. He says she refused to have an Abu Hamza-style hook fitted opting instead for a USB stick on one arm and a tool for getting the pound coins out of Tesco trolleys on the other!

TV favourite Harry, beloved for his BAFTA award-winning series TV Burp and his brilliant re-invention of You've Been Framed clips show, was testing out the new material a pre-tour warm-up show at the Millfield Theatre in Edmonton, north London.

Show-goer Stephanie Makinson said: “Harry was very brave to include the Islam gags in the show as most comedians run a mile from them!

“He made a little aside about not wanting to get into any trouble but to be honest it was just hilarious. The My Sharia Law song and dance routine brought the house down.”

The bald comedian, famed for his huge collars and surreal humour, will perform 40 dates on the 'Sausage Time' tour which ends in Edinburgh on March 30.

The set also features showband The Harry's, TV Burp Stouffer the Cat, and the debut of 'Harry's son Gary from his first marriage' who bears an uncanny resemblance to the TV Burp Alan Sugar puppet!

Explaining the tour Harry said: “I've been enjoying doing the clubs and smaller places preparing for the tour. If you talk to the audience a lot, I don't think it works in the bigger places."

Other destinations taken in on the tour include Oxford, Liverpool, York, Coventry, Tunbridge Wells, Nottingham, Derby, Southend, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Leicester, Bournemouth, Sheffield, Watford, Northampton, Guildford, Ipswich, Brighton, Cambridge, Newcastle, Bristol, Salford, Glasgow, London and Leeds.

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