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Chinese invent new Pervert Deterrent - HAIRY STOCKINGS

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Hairy-StockingsHairy stockings designed to make women's legs look unshaven and ugly have become the must have pervert deterrent for every woman's handbag.

At least in China.

The hair stockings first appeared on a microblogging Chinese site Sina Weibo (China’s version of Twitter), and have become a viral sensation, with one user @HappyZhangJiang describing them as ‘anti-pervert stockings’.

Trend-watcher ChinaSMACK has offered them to the world, and the world has said, ‘urgh, gross.’

Perhaps their primary function is to put off the more unenlightened members of the male sex, who will be so repulsed by the sight of a nubile young girl with gorilla pins that they will forget to assault her, but maybe the truth is more subtle than that.

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