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Kellogg's Just Right breakfast cereal scandal – raisin and flake based product hoist by its own petard

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Just-Right-230CEREAL giant Kellogg's were today looking decidedly flaky after it was shown that their Just Right breakfast product was Just Wrong.

The raisin and flake based cereal has been relaunched with a huge flash on the box stating 'New Recipe More Fruit.'

However, a reporter from, who's a stickler for both grammatical accuracy and breakfast cereal integrity, pointed out that, by Kellogg's own admission, the self-aggrandising 'Just Right' boast was wide of the mark.

By definition it is is impossible to improve on something which is 'Just Right'.

He wrote to Kellogg's saying: “I was shocked to note that I had been consuming your product for some years believing it to be, as you claim, 'just right'.

“As you have now created a 'New Recipe' with 'More Fruit' I can only conclude that your breakfast product should actually have been branded 'Not Quite Right' or 'Just a Liitte Short of the Mark'.

“Either that or it should now be called 'A Tad Excessive' or 'Marginally Over-Fruited'.

“Wherever the truth lies I cannot help but feel I have been consuming a lie all these years, albeit a reasonably nutritionally-balanced one.”

So far Kellogg's have not seen fit to reply to his inquiry.

(Kellogg's – not Kellog, Kellog s, or Kellogs by the way)


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