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36,000-year-old Mayan crystal skull speaks

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Max-the-crystal-skullA CRYSTAL skull venerated by the ancient Mayan civilisation has spoken after 36,000 years. He said: “My name is Max.”


An unassuming start for an artefact believed to be from another world and claimed to be the key to all human understanding.

But that's how owner JoAnn Parks says it started.

She said she kept the skull – discovered 100 years ago in a Mayan tomb in Guatemala – in the back of a closet for a decade until she watched a TV program about similar artefacts and she took it to the Houston Museum.

She said museum experts wanted to put it on display but she refused and added: “I brought it home and put it back in the box.

“I patted 'Skull' - that is what I called him - on the head and telepathically I heard him say 'my name is not Skull, my name is Max.'

“I jumped up and I said, 'Holy Moly, I got a rock in a box in the closet and he's got a name.'

“So I pushed him further back and said 'I don't want nothing to do with you.'

“He said, 'I'm a tool. I'm a teacher. I will serve mankind in a unique and special way.'”

JoAnn, of Houston, Texas, had a change of heart and now tours the United States with Max offering healing. Many people claim to have had profound visions after touching Max, who experts say could date back 36,000 years - many centuries before homo sapiens had the skills to create such an object.

Max was even the inspiration for Harrison Ford movie Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

In the film, and in legend, Max is one of 13 skulls which will one day reunite and offer the human race unprecedented knowledge.
JoAnn said: “Many people who think he’s from another planet and is encoded – an encoded messenger.

“Some believe he was part of Atlantis as well. I think he's been in cultures that have come and gone that we didn't even know existed.”

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