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Voyager satellite sets course for star it will only reach when mankind has become extinct

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voyager-2A NASA satellite an incredible 9 BILLION miles from earth has just told scientists it has fired thrusters which will allow it it leave the solar system for interstellar space.

Supermassive black holes billion times bigger than sun roam the universe eating galaxies, study

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Black-holeMIND-boggling new research into the biggest black hole ever measured shows it was pinballed across the cosmos after colliding with another black hole.

Cancer and mesothelioma victims get major boost as IMB supercomputer WATSON joins hunt for cure

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watsonMESOTHELIOMA and cancers such as asbestos related lung cancer face a super hi-tech new weapon – IBM's world-beating super computer WATSON.

Government, security services and copyright lawyers grab IP addresses of torrent users within three hours – especially Pirate Bay

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pirate-bayUSERS of popular file-sharing programs who download films and music from the internet will have their computer IP address logged by secretive agencies within hours a new study  says.

Deep space cataclysm as twin galaxies collide 70 million light years from earth

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galaxies-230AWESOME seems too small a word – because this is a picture of two galaxies colliding, 70 million light years from earth.

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