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Luke Skywalker's Star Wars planet Tatooine discovered by NASA Kepler space telescope

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star-wars-planetNasa scientists have discovered a secret planet which sees two sunsets every night – just like Tatooine, the home of Star Wars hero Luke Skywalker.

'Water on Mars drinkable' say Nasa scientists

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Mars CuriosityWATER that once flowed on the surface of Mars ‘would have been drinkable’, Nasa scientists have revealed.

VOYAGER 1 is stuck in an unknown and unimagined 'magnetic highway' 12 BILLION miles from earth

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Voyager1THE NASA spacecraft Voyager 1, which was launched in 1977 and is now 12 billion miles from earth has discovered a new and unexpected cosmic zone on the edge of interstellar space where normal space time rules don't seem to apply.

Twitter admits spying on users' smartphones and secretly harvesting ALL your contacts

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twitterTWITTER bosses have admitted spying on millions of users' smartphones and secretly taking ALL contacts information without users' permission.

Hideous sea lamprey, distant ancestor of man, could hold key to Alzheimer's Disease

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Sea-LampreyTHE Sea Lamprey, a grotesque marine parasite, could help end Alzheimer's Disease and even help spinal injury patients walk again.

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