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Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation puts up $500,000 in Mesothelioma Research Grants for five crucial new projects

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HALF a million dollars has been made available for five key research projects into finding a cure for mesothelioma.  

'I felt like my body was hacked' says subject of Possessed Hand experiment

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possessed-handONE of the guinea-pigs of experimental new 'Possessed Hand' technology, backed by Sony, says she felt like her body had been hacked.

World's first artificial quarterpounder burger created from pig stem cells and horse foetus serum (Burger King not quaking in boots yet)

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burger-meatQUARTERPOUNDER burger meat has been created using stem cell technology which may one day spell the end of animal abattoirs.

Has NASA discovered life on Mars? The latest findings from Mars Curiosity Rover, suggest yes!

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MarsNASA SCIENTISTS searching for life on Mars have made an 'earth-shaking' discovery.

US physicists create 'hole in time'

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Starship-EnterpriseSCIENTISTS in the US have created a 'hole in time' – a breakthrough which could lead to a Star Trek type cloaking device.

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