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'Invisible buildings', immune to 911 style terror attacks, a scientific possibility

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terror-atacksA REAL life "invisibility cloak" could be used to protect buildings from earthquakes and terror attacks, according to a new study.

Motorcycle fuelled by rider's poop makes trans-Japan roadtrip

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popp-bikeA MOTORCYCLE which runs entirely on the rider's poop is on a trans-Japan roadtrip.

$35 (£22) computers go on sale (and there's a cheaper one on the way!)

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raspberry-piA COMPUTER costing just $35 (£22) has gone on sale – triggering such a massive demand that its websites crashed.

Threat to $100 BILLION International Space Station averted with $3 toothbrush and a little Yankee ingenuity

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ISS-fixA POTENTIALLY catastrophic threat to the $100 Billion International Space Station, and the astronauts aboard, has been averted thanks to a $3 toothbrush.

Why your sat-nav is wiping out your real memory

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satnavRELIANCE on sat-nav technology could be wiping our brains of vital mental maps scientists have discovered.

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