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Apple to move into the world's classrooms with revolutionary new technology

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steve-jobsAPPLE'S apparent bid for world domination is expected to take another step forward this week with the announcement of an intention to revolutionise schools.

Cat's ears can read your brainwaves

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Cats-earsA JAPANESE technology company has invented strap-on cat's ears which can read brainwaves and reflect the wearer's mood.

Time running out for $6.4 billion Large Hadron Collider as scientists hunting God Particle come up empty-handed

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large-hadron-colliderSCIENTISTS hunting for the ellusive Higgs boson – the theoretical God particle which supposedly holds everything in the  universe together – have revealed they, er , haven't found it.

Ipod Nano recall over fire risk – and wownews gets a freebie!

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ipod-nanoFIRST generation iPod Nanos are being recalled by Apple over fears their batteries can burst into flames.

Google unveils online music store – but is is an iTunes killer?

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googleAPPLE faces its first serious potential rival to the almighty iTunes today as Google launches its own online music download store today (Wednesday November 16) in Los Angeles.

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