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Space elevator stretching a quarter way to the moon planned by Japan

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space-elevatorA SPACE elevator stretching a quarter of the way to the moon is underway thanks to a Japanese firm using cutting-edge nanotechnology.

Women will order sex-cyborg husbands and specify penis size and 'vibration effects' within a generation

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sexy-cyborgHUMANS and robots will be having cyborg sex and even saying 'I do' within a generation, a leading Artificial Intelligence expert has said.

Augmented reality glasses allow wearer to read minds

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Joe-90JOE 90-style extra-sensory glasses which allow the wearer to 'read the mind' of the person they are talking to have been developed by a US lab.

Paralysed sportsman walks again after bionic implant

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rob-summersA SPORTSMAN paralysed from the chest down after a hit and run incident has taken his first faltering steps, thanks to bionic technology.

Amazing Solar Bikini to be hottest beachwear item this summer

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Ssolar-powered-bikiniHE looks absolutely electric in her fabulous bikini. Not surprising really as those bra-cups are charging her iPod!

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