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Loved ones to be dissolved and flushed down drain in new green 'burial' process

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resomation-vesselA NEW technique to dispose of human bodies by dissolving corpses in a pressure vessel before pouring them away has been installed in a US funeral home.

Cataclysmic supernova 'in earth's backyard' visible tonight

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supernovaA SUPERNOVA billed as 'the closest to earth astronomers have found in the last quarter century' will be at its brightest on Friday.

Google axes 10 online products – will you lose out?

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google-homepageGOOGLE has closed 10 of its online services.

Talk to the hand: How you will just tap your finger to communicate with next generation iPhones

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hand-phoneNEXT generation smartphones could do away with screen interfaces altogether and see users just making a series of hand gestures to communicate with their devices.

Cost of Space Shuttle $319 BILLION – cost of bailing out profligate Greeks $319 BILLION

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atlantis-shuttleBE honest, if you had $319 billion dollars what would you rather spend it on?

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