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Death knell for internet? Mobile apps usage outstrips web for first time ever

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A DEATH knell for the web has been sounded tomobile-phone-appday, say experts, after figures showed mobile phone 'apps' were more popular than the internet.

Nokia unveils company-saving cellphone the N9 – and, er, it's a bit like an iPhone

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Nokia-N9-smartphoneCELLPHONE giant Nokia, which recently announced miserable annual figures, has unveiled a new  flagship phone called the N9 which it hopes will restore the company's fortunes.

Rock fans dismayed at new Apple technology to disable iPhones which video gigs

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Lost-Prophets-on-iPhoneAPPLE boffins are working on a system which will prevent IPHONE users from filming live concerts.

New Google tool reads photos and discovers location – and new Instant Pages speed up loading by five seconds

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google-logoAN AMAZING new Google tool will allow users to upload old vacation photographs and discover exactly where they were taken.

Clothing you can 'print out' direct from the internet becomes a reality

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3D-bikiniIMAGINE not only being able to select an item of clothing from the internet but then having it 'printed' out, ready to wear immediately.

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