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Student attacks trendy new media university course and demands money back

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A WOULD-be web designer who invested £4700 on a university new media course was furious at being asked to write essays about trendy TV shows.Leeds-Uni-Parkinson-Building


Chris Hussein hoped the course at Leeds University would help give him the technical skills to embark on a career in web design.

Instead he says he was asked to write esoteric pieces on subjects which were nothing to do with web design. He left the course after 18 months demanding his money back.

He said: “I was forced to sit through modules that talked about how countries communicated during the First World War.

“I had to hand in essays titled 'How is British youth portrayed in the TV programme Skins?'”

Helen Kennedy, BA Hons New Media Programme leader at the university said: “Not everyone on the course wants to be a web designer so we try to cater to a broad range of new media interests.

She added that had Chris completed the degree he would have been able to specialise in the technical aspects of website design.

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