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Augmented reality glasses allow wearer to read minds

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Joe-90JOE 90-style extra-sensory glasses which allow the wearer to 'read the mind' of the person they are talking to have been developed by a US lab.


The glasses – nicknamed 'social X-Ray specs' – use a tiny hidden camera to analyse the facial expressions of the other person then feedback the results via an earpiece.

The result is a startlingly accurate insight into what the other person is feeling – despite what their face may seem to be saying.

The technology has been developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab and it is hoped that one application would be to help employees improve how they communicate with customers.

A camera the size of a grain of rice picks up the tiniest facial clue and even flashes a red light (seen only by the wearer) telling the wearer to keep their mouth shut when appropriate.

People who have tried the spectacles describe the feeling as 'developing a sixth sense' and 'as if I was reading their mind'.

Developer Rosalind Picard hopes the prototype will soon become production 'augmented-reality glasses' which would overlay computer graphics onto the scene in front of the wearer.

Gerry Anderson animation puppet Joe 90 used his hi-tech glasses to give himself astonishing powers in the 1960s TV series of the same name.

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