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Unrolling Scotch Tape creates X-Rays

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x-ray-skullPEELING off a length of Scotch Tape can create enough X-rays to take a hospital-style image, researchers have found.


But the sticky tape isn't dangerous because it the phenomenon only happens in a vacuum.

A team at UCLA made the discovery and hope it might one day be harnessed to provide portable X-Ray machines which do not need an external power supply for use in developing countries.

James M. Hevezi, chairman of the American College of Radiology's Medical Physics Commission, said: “It's a phenomenon called 'triboluminescence.

“You might try an experiment where you go into a dark closet and pull Scotch tape off a regular roll.

“You can see some flashes of light at the point where the tape leaves the roll. That's the triboluminescence phenomenon.”

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