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US physicists create 'hole in time'

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Starship-EnterpriseSCIENTISTS in the US have created a 'hole in time' – a breakthrough which could lead to a Star Trek type cloaking device.


The astonishing breakthrough is part of a bid to design an invisibility cloak, or even to make one object look like another.

However, instead of trying to hide an object from being viewed the physicists at Cornell University in Ithaca believe the answer is to hide the object in time.

Researcher Moti Fridman have designed a time lens which he says 'can magnify or compress in time'.

The trick to building a temporal cloak is to place two time-lenses in series and then send a beam of light through them. The first compresses the light in time while the second decompresses it again.

But this leaves a gap. For short period, there is a kind of hole in time in which any event is unrecorded.

So to an observer, the light coming out of the second time-lens appears undistorted, as if no event has occurred.
So far they team have only managed to sustain the effect for the tiniest time-span – a mere 110 nanoseconds.

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