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NASA releases amazing pics of Space Shuttle Endeavour as she heads for the scrapheap

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space-shuttleNASA has released stunning new pictures and video of the soon-to-be-scrapped Space Shuttle Endeavour parked at the International Space Station.


The footage was taken by astronauts aboard a departing Russian spacecraft and are a last hurrah for the veteran spacecraft on its last ever voyage.

A spokesman  for NASA said: "It is the first ever image of a space shuttle docked to the International Space Station.

"Once their vehicle was about 600 feet (183 meters) from the station, Mission Control Moscow, outside the Russian capital, commanded the orbiting laboratory to rotate 130 degrees.

"This move allowed (astronaut) Nespoli to capture digital photographs and high definition video of shuttle Endeavour docked to the station."

Nespoli, was one of three astronauts departing in a Soyuz spacecraft after a six-month stay at the orbiting lab. They touched down in Kazakhstan.

Endeavour was docked at the ISS for 11 days as part of its final mission to space.

The very last of the Space Shuttle fleet Atlantis, will blast off for a final voyage on July 8 ending NASA's 30-year program for the reusable spacecraft.

Endeavour Commander Mark Kelly said:“The retirement of Endeavour and the Shuttle fleet will not end the human need to explore.

"It is, and always will be, part of who we are. The United States will build other spaceships, better than those of today. Even if they are years in the future, they will nevertheless increase our knowledge of the world, generate an enormous benefit to our economy and inspire our children. We can't know when they will come about, or what they will be, but perhaps one of those new vehicles of exploration will be named Endeavour, and maybe it will take humans to other planets or even more distant worlds circling other stars. It could bear no prouder or more fitting name.”

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